From 2017 World Premiere, Mathematics of Love by Cherríe Moraga. Left to right: Veronica Maynez (MALINXE); Carla Pantoja (NANA); Sarita Ocón (DAUGHTER); and Rose Portillo (PEACHES).

Cherrie Moraga

Poet, Playwright-Director, Writer-Essayist, Educator and Cultural Activist


This Is America

Mis Hijos! cries La Llorona, the Weeping Woman of Mexican myth and memory. “My children, where have you gone?” It is the turn into the 16thcentury.  Prescient, La Llorona, our Indigenous mother, mounts the temple steps of Tenochtitlan and grieves aloud the loss of her Native México and its children.  She knows what’s coming.

In the last weeks, as the horror of the separation of children from their asylum-seeking families along the southern border began to surface, outraged news pundits, protestors and congressmen alike retorted, “This is not America.” Among ourselves, the invisible—Native Americans, Latinos, working-class immigrants and their children, citizen and undocumented alike—we speak a different language.  We don’t really




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